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Hello! I hope all of you onlookers are doing well, I figured the best way to start this would be a great big hug from Stanley.

Last night I went to Fuddruckers with Katherine and Jenny, then went to see Flightplan. The idea was basically The Forgotten, but really horrendous. Then Katherine and I slept at Jenny's house. We kept waking up during the night because Jenny's alarm kept going off. A lot. But then we officially awoke at 9, and I left for home.

I got ready, studied, and went to my cousin's birthday party. She's around three now? Who knows. Anyway, I love some of my family, and hate lots of them. I was standing the whole time, I was starving, and my back was killing me. My Grammy kept announcing my business to the world, and my Dad decided to mortify me quite often. I don't enjoy seeing people whose presence I don't enjoy. Family trying to make small talk is as bad as it gets. It was such a miserable time.

I came home. Relaxed. Picked up the JPoo, met The Seidel and C-man at the movies and we saw 40 Year Old Virgin. I ruined some jokes for them, but the movie was so funny, even the second time through. I had two toothpicks, which was remarkable. We went to Wendy's, where I ate fries and a bit o' Frostie. Also, I got away with taking Ron's Safari Camo Hat. It's swell.

Anyway, that is all. I'm sure you all had a splendid night, I'd love to hear about it. What'd you do?!
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